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I was born in April l946 in Kolozsvár, Transylvania. I graduated from the Ion Andreescu College of Fine Arts in 1971.

From 1971 to 1974 I worked as a teacher at an industrial secondary school, teaching technical drawing, then I took a job at the art grammar school in Kolozsvár (1974-1987).

Joining the spiritual workshop represented by the Korunk editorial and Gallery in my hometown was a crucial point in my life. No less important were the summers spent painting at the artists' colony in the Szárhegy Castle (1976-86). The Kalotaszeg region at the foot of the Western Carpathians meant the acquaintance with folk art. Since 1971 I have regularly taken part in collective and individual exhibitions.

In 1988 I left my native country for good and resettled in Hungary together with my family. My first job was at a primary school in Budapest. A year later we moved into the artists' house in Veszprém, together with my wife and three children.

1990 was the year of my first trip to Western Europe.

I worked as an art historian for the Veszprém County Museum unti1 1991, when I decided to concentrate on painting only. For nine years I have been working in my atelier, continuously exhibiting in Europe.

Since 2000 I am teaching art at the Art School of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory. In 2005 I have been elected to be the director of the school.

I am a member of the Foundation of Hungarian Fine Art, the Association of Hungarian Artists and the Society of Hungarian Painters. For years I have been member and master of the Veszprém Art Guild. In 2004, together with five fellow artists I founded the figurative F-Group.

I officially retired in 2009, but I kept lecturing at the Ion Andreescu University of Art in Cluj-Napoca until 2011. I continue working in my atelier in Veszprem. I am leading 2 art workshop groups in Csopak and Herend.